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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Focus on weight targets

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TAKING control of achieving weight targets has given the Bowman family newfound confidence when it comes to marketing their stock.
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Rob and Kathie Bowman, together with their son Lachlan and daughter-in-law Jodie, farm over 1800 hectares at Bully Acre, near Pekina.

Their property, Bully Acre Farms, is home to a 1200ha cropping program, which has been reduced in recent years in order to increase their prime lamb enterprise.

They currently run 1400 first cross Border Leicester/Merino ewes and 50 Angus/Simmental cows with calves at foot, while they also operate a contract spraying, seeding and harvest business.

With a rich history in farming, Rob and Lachlan account for the fourth and fifth generations of Bowmans to be farming in South Australia.

The family has proven to be very adaptable to the changing conditions of agriculture and their focus has shifted over the years to remain viable.

It’s changed even from 10 years ago, when the Bowmans were running Merino sheep on a pastoral station and cropping on another property, before they made the move into broadacre farming.

Rob said selling the sheep station allowed them to expand their cropping enterprise significantly and, at that time, they were also running 500 head of cattle.

He said after examining gross margins in cattle versus prime lambs, with the input and advice of their trusted Quality Livestock Jamestown representative, Brenton Jones, they adjusted the livestock mix accordingly.

Now they mate more than 1000 first cross Border Leicester/Merino ewes to White Suffolk rams, marketing prime lambs at an average age of 16 weeks old.

Rob said they had been sourcing ewes from a feature sale at Naracoorte before prices escalated and they thankfully found a local option.

“A neighbour has started breeding first cross Border Leicester/Merino ewes, so we’ve got our first line of 230 ewe lambs from him,” Rob said.

“When the 1.5yo first cross ewes got too dear at Naracoorte, we started buying first cross lambs and we were mating them at 10 months of age and were achieving lambing percentages of 120 per cent.

“You pay less for them and end up getting an extra lamb.

“The hardest part was getting them to lamb the second time, but now we’ve sorted that out because we’re buying the ewe lambs from our neighbour and they seem to be better adapted to our conditions.”

Rob said they used White Suffolk rams from the Piggott family’s Illoura Stud at Moorlands, a stud they were introduced to by Brenton, who they had been working with for about 10 years.

He said they purchased four to five rams each year, taking into account objective measurements and aiming to buy in the top 10 per cent of rams offered.

“We go for low birth weight for rams, which has eliminated any birthing problems we’ve had, and we don’t buy anything with a carcase plus index under 200.’’

“Objective measurement is something we’ve developed knowledge of over the last few years and now pay a lot of attention to.”

The rams and ewes are fed on clover pastures, drenched, dipped and assessed prior to being joined at a rate of 2pc during the first week of November for an April/May lambing.

Rob said this year they had achieved lambing percentages in excess of 140pc.

They have sold lambs to a variety of buyers in the past, including directly to abattoirs and also through auction. Rob said they were very much guided by Brenton when it came to their marketing strategy.

He said the established relationships Brenton had with buyers in the market had been a big benefit, often resulting in them receiving excellent prices for their lambs.

“We hold Brenton in very high regard, which is why we followed him when he joined Quality Livestock,” Rob said.

“He doesn’t wait for us to ring him. He knows exactly what stock we have and what the market is doing, so he’ll usually ring us and tell us when he thinks it’s a good time to sell and exactly what cents per kilogram we can get.

“We have a huge amount of respect for him, so we follow him nearly to the letter in what we do marketing-wise.

“We’ve actually always dabbled in turning over lambs, so it wasn’t a huge shock to go back into it.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with livestock and Brenton has been a huge help to us. We have a lot of confidence in him. He always does the right thing by us.”

Rob said a few years ago one of the buyers they met through Brenton gave them valuable feedback in relation to meeting weight specifications, and since then they had been paying a lot more attention to feeding their lambs.

They began sowing vetch for pasture, which had been very successful.

“Since we started doing that, we’re easily achieving our objective and our growth rates are really good,” Rob said.

WEIGHTY BOOST: Bully Acre producer Rob Bowman overlooks the automatic weighing and drafting system.

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Register to help clean up Australia

Written on November 20, 2018 at 19:27, by

Local registrations are open for this year’s Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday March 5, and the message is that when the rubbish is gone, nature can carry on.
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Organisers say it’s time to stop and take a look around your local area, find those rubbish hot spots that need attention and register a local site for 2017 Clean Up Australia Day.

According to Chairman and Founder of Clean Up Australia, Ian Kiernan AO, registering a local site for Clean Up Australia Day is the perfect way to get rid of rubbish that is accumulating on neighbourhood streets and beaches, in parks, bushland and waterways.

So far this year, three quarters of a million volunteers have removed the equivalent of more than 16,000 ute loads of rubbish from 8,205 locations across Australia.

Their efforts started with Clean Up Australia Day lastMarch when communities, schools, businesses and youth groups registered events. Since then everyday Clean Up sites have continued far and wide.

“Over the year we have seen a 30% increase in volunteer numbers – a testament to how keen Aussies are to remove rubbish from their favourite places,” said Mr Kiernan.

“Our website is now open for 2017 registrations, calling for everyone to put on a pair of gloves and grab a bag – because when the rubbish is gone, nature can carry on,” said Mr Kiernan.

“The best way to start is to take a look around you – you’ll be amazed at how much rubbish is lurking in the bushes, along tidelines, running tracks and picnic spots.”

Once you’ve found the location you want to clean up, register it at cleanupsuatraliaday.org419论坛 and then spread the word to your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues – asking them to join you.

But if picking up rubbish is not your thing, there is another way you can be involved.

Clean Up Australia is owned by the community and in 2017 all Australians are urged to support participants by either sponsoring a site or donating via the website or facebook. 100% of monies raised is allocated to buyingmaterials provided free of charge to community, school and youth groups across the nation – all year round.

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Three local bowlers post Maestro victories

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CONCENTRATION: Dick Walsh lines up his shot, while Craig Cooper watches on at Sunday’s Mufti Bowls.
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Local bowlers competing in the Cootamundra Ex Services Maestro Singles last week performed very well for three wins from four starters. Results are:

Thursday, February 2:Terry Ricketts was defeated by Bill Robertson from Temora, with a score of 20 to 31.

Friday, February 3:Tony Zervos defeated Terry Cosgrove from Coota Ex Services with a score of 31 to 30;Shane McKellar defeated Keith Hampton from Coota Ex Services with a score of 31 to 15;Alan Tobin defeated Glen Moge from Stockinbingal with a score of 31 to 20;The competition continues this week and the following bowlers have been drawn to play:Thursday, February 9:Tony Fisher versus Oscar Lopez from CootaEx Services;John Curtis versus Peter Hoang from CootaEx Services;Barney Heywood versus Roy Cleveland from C.C.C.​Friday, February 10:Alan Tobin will play the winner of the Eddie Jarrett (C.C.C) verses Arthur Ward (also from C.C.C).

Stockinbingal President’s Day: Last Sunday, Terry Ricketts, Alan Tobin, Tony Zervos and Danny Vincent represented the Harden Bowling Club at the Stockinbingal President’s Day. They enjoyed the day, winning one of two, but no prizes.

Mufti Bowls Sunday Morning:Warwick Prosser and Dick Walsh defeated Craig Cooper and Cary Peters with a score of 14 to 12;Rod James and Kerryn McKellar defeated Shane McKellar and Neil Turner with a score of 11 to 9. Shane and Neil were the winners of the chooks.

Business House Bowls:Jaks defeated Heywood racing with a score of 13 to 11; Spackies Septics defeated T.M.G with a score of 17 to 5;Fuel Supplies defeated Outdoor Store with a score of 13 to 8; Hard’n’fit defeated H.K.C Boys with a score of 18to 9;Panthers defeated Fuller’s Taxi with a score of 12 to 10;Bowling Club defeated H.K.C Girls with a score of 16 to 7;000s defeated Sweet‘n’sour with a score of 10 to 7.

Singles:Entry for the singles has closed, bowlers should check the noticeboard for further information.

Pennant Bowls:A list is on the noticeboard for bowlers interested in playing Pennants. Teams will be selected shortly, so you need to get your name in quickly.

Ladies Bowls:The Ladies started the Pennant season with an excellent win over the strong Young Pennant side last Saturday:Jenny Ricketts, Kelly Daley, Dianne Debritt and Chris Hancock defeated Judy Watson, Sheila Traynor, Ann Gardner and Pat Owen with a score of 36 to 10.Ann Larson, Robyn Apps, Joan Clark and Pat Walker defeatedMargaret Glasheen, Julie Alavoine, Jill Rosen and Nancy Tomlinson with a score of 20 to 10. Aggregates:Harden 56 –points 5;Young 20 –points 0.

On Saturday, the Ladies travel to the Boorowa Ex Services Club for the 2ndmatch withthe following teams: Jenny Ricketts, Kelly Daley, Donna Chesworth and Chris Hancock; Ann Larsen, Robyn Apps, Dianne Debritt and Lisa Nichols.

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Bequest champions young musical careers

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Love of music: Helen Glenn’s granddaughter Tanya Simmons of Bennetts Steel congratulates Sam Killick as Hastings Education Fund chair Jim O’Brien looks on.
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The loss of a loved one is always difficult for family and friends.

The Simmons family from Wauchope has found a unique way to honour their beloved matriarch, Helen Glenn, to ensure her love of music is instilled into a legacy.

The Helen Glenn Memorial Grant for Studies in Musicwas created as an annual endowment through the Hastings Education Fund (HEF) to a recipient studying music for their career.

Tanya Simmons said her grandmother Helen loved playing anywhere or everywhere, especially at church.

“She loved playing piano and later organ and would play anything from a hymn to AC/DC – she was very clever,” Ms Simmons said.

“She taught herself and got her hands on whatever music she could find and often surrounded herself with other musicians when she could.”

The inaugural recipient for the bequest is Sam Killick, a former student and school captain of St Columba Anglican School, who has recently been accepted to study a music degree at the University of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music.

“I’m doing a bachelor of music performance, majoring in jazz studies,”Sam said.

“It involves jazz history, improvisation and jazz ensembles.”

Sam’s instrument is electric guitar and is self-taught after initial lessons with Adrian Kimmorley, showing a parallel with his benefactorMrs Glenn.

Inspired by jazz musicians such as Ornette Coleman, Mary Halvorson, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, Sam will study for four years before deciding whether he will do session work, join other bands, teach or follow other music opportunities that may arise.Sam will use the bequest to help out with equipment he will need during his studies and getting him started in the course.

“I want to thank the Simmons family for this special grant and I will do my best to make the memory of Helen Glenn proud,” he said.

Hastings Education Fund chair Jim O’Briensaid providing a bequest for a student was a wonderful way to ensure the memory of a loved one was sustained through the progress and achievements of that student.

“I can’t thank the Simmons family enough for considering the Hastings Education Fund to administer their wishes in this way in addition to their ongoing gold sponsorship,” Mr O’Brien said.

“We at HEF will also look forward to supporting Sam as he further develops his musical expertise in a way Helen Glenn would have loved.”

When asked what her grandmother would think of the first grant going to a jazz guitarist, Ms Simmons said: “Bub would love it – her music taste was vast, so she would love the idea of supporting a jazz guitarist.”

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SCG bid to bring Bolt, Nitro to Sydney

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Usain Bolt headlining the Nitro Athletics meet. Photo: Jack Thomas Decima Norman in the long jump competition at the 1938 Empire Games. The Western Australian won five gold medals when the athletics competition was held at the SCG.
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The SCG Trust is making a bold bid to lure Usain Bolt and the Nitro Athletics concept to Sydney next year after the experimental format was a smash hit on its first outing in Melbourne.

Emboldened by the runaway success of shortened formats of rugby and cricket, the trust have requested a meeting with Athletics Australia president Mark Arbib, a key driver of the Nitro concept, to discuss luring it away from Melbourne.

There is already stiff competition – the South Australian government are also courting the Nitro team – and the finer details of a three-year contract with the Victorian government could yet stall plans to bring Bolt to Sydney in 2018.

It would be a bold move too for the trust, requiring an athletics track be laid on the historic cricket ground. But administrators are convinced the event fits Sydney’s raging appetite for punchy, innovative and colourful “sports-entertainment” events.

The combined men’s and women’s Sydney Sevens drew more than 75,000 people to the Moore Park precinct over a three-day event last weekend, numbers Australia’s rugby bosses could only dream about in recent years. Cricket’s Big Bash League has been a similar success as a live product, as well as a major ratings hit on television.

And there are indications Sydneysiders have an appetite for athletics re-packaged. No doubt boosted by the presence of Bolt, who has an equity stake in the concept and will headline the event on a three-year deal, Nitro beat all its commercial free-to-air rivals in Sydney on Saturday during its live broadcast on Channel 7.

Watched by 1.4 million people nationally, the audience peaked at 947,000 viewers with an average audience of 587,000 across the duration of the event. In Melbourne where it was broadcast on delay after the AFL women’s match and with Bolt not coming on until almost midnight it had a quarter of the free-to-air audience.

Tickets for next Saturday night’s final night have now sold out but tickets remain available for this Thursday’s second night in the series.

The concept is a radical shake up of the traditional track and field meet, with athletes competing in six mixed-gender teams of 24, across unconventional events including a three-minute challenge and a mixed relay that pitted former 100-metre world record holder Asafa Powell against four women at the weekend.

Fairfax Media understands the Victorian government’s Places Victoria sponsorship which was crucial to underwriting the event to get it off the ground was a three-year deal but with options for the second and third years depending on the success of the first year.

Nitro will not speak with any other interested party during this year’s series as they are exclusively tied to Places Victoria and there is a loyalty to the Victorian government for the financial commitment that helped ensure the inaugural event could be staged.

The success of Saturday night’s first event has now increased the interest from the SCG Trust and Destination NSW to host it at the SCG. The ground has a long, if now distant, history of hosting athletics. The 1938 British Empire Games, a pre-cursor to the Commonwealth Games, were staged using a grass track, with Australian Decima Norman winning five gold medals in track and field. The old Sydney Sports Ground, situated where the Allianz Stadium car park now lies, also regularly hosted athletics meets.

South Australian Sports Minister Leon Bignell is understood to also want the event for the Adelaide Oval.

When Nitro was first mooted during the Rio Olympics, Athletics Australia said the hope would be that it would be staged across more than one city. Nitro is staged across three nights in Melbourne this year but in future years could be in a different city each night. Alternatively organisers could keep the three nights in Melbourne and add more nights in other cities.

It is unknown if the SCG or Adelaide Oval would want the event exclusively in their city or want to stage a single night of the event. Sharing it could be the most likely way of giving Sydney and/or Adelaide a taste of the format without cutting ties with Melbourne.

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